Muath Al Saaydeh
General Manager

As the General Manager, I have seen the positive impact their training has had on our team. The content is always well-researched, relevant, and engaging, keeping our employees involved throughout the sessions. Additionally, Mr. Vidusha is an expert in his field and possesses excellent communication skills, making complex concepts easy to understand.
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Melissa Ferdinands
Global HR Manager

Luminary Learning Solutions have done a fantastic job with WIA training so far. I have learned a lot from these trainings, and the facilitators are engaging and keep the sessions very much alive and exciting. Thank you for the valuable time and knowledge you shared with us.

Navin Rupasinghe
Deputy General Manager

Thought it timely to let you know that it has been a pleasure working with Luminary Learning Solutions, these last few months. You’ve exceeded our expectations and we are keen to embark on the journey ahead with your support.

Premitha Pilapitiya
Human Resources

What differentiates Luminary from most other service providers is that they put in a great deal of effort to understand the requirements of the organization. As a result, we have had very effective sessions being conducted, and you can rest assured that you will get your money’s worth at the end of the program. Their team is super-efficient and has continued to provide an amazing around the clock service always.

Shehara De Silva
Employee Engagement & Transformation

Rolling out a Leadership Development Program is a significant milestone for DIMO. We have forged this partnership on a basis of trust and mutual understanding, and have high expectations of its outcome, based on Luminary’s reputed track record. The team of trainers has exceeded our expectations in their understanding of our business and successfully tailoring the content to make it relatable.

Tamara Kirupakaran
Manager Operations

We are very impressed with the level of professionalism and friendly service, especially given that the program has been conducted entirely online! The team has a great ability to quickly comprehend a client’s requirements and ensure a quick turnaround on delivering the program. We look forward to partnering with them to build HR processes for the organization.

Zahara Ansary
Country Manager

Anton conducted a great session at our CIMA Young Member Mentoring Finale in 2020 which was well received by all our participants. In addition to this, Azeem conducted a few sessions for our students and parents on emotional intelligence – which was timely given the impact of the pandemic and e-learning coming to the fore. The team at Luminary are pleasant, easy to work with and a committed set of professionals!

Janisha Wimalaratne
Learning & Talent

Luminary Learning has always been cutting edge for learning needs and especially during the pandemic. With their generous outlook during difficult times, the free sessions and learning opportunities offered were magnificent. As always, the level of service, consulting & engagement is unrivalled with an added pinch of humour to make the days more enjoyable. I would Recommend Luminary Learning Solutions any day for any occasion.

Virginia Olivares

It was a pleasure doing this exercise with your team. It was very well planned, designed with sense and managed with ability & wisdom. Congratulations! I loved to discovering my colleagues’ skills, having the opportunity of knowing the new members aptitudes, building new bridges between us & reaffirming my abilities, qualities and weaknesses. The workshop made me think and I know that in the future will serve me to consider situations in a different mode. My 2 takeaways: Impossible is nothing & Think Big!

Mansoor Ahmed
Head of GBS Malaysia Technology & Innovation

I wanted to say thank you Anton, Vidusha and Luminary learning for collaborating and livening up our offsite at Standard Chartered Bank. I wanted to challenge the thinking of our management team so they would look at their leadership, differently. The interactive session provided an opportunity to view things through a different lens and Vidusha did an incredible job in such a short session to make an impact. The way he articulated the change of looking at leadership not from a roll perspective but from a process perspective was eye opening. It triggered so much thought and the fact they Vidusha was able to provide real life scenarios strengthened the learning and clearly displayed the wisdom in his messages. Overall it was a real pleasure to collaborate and we look forward to doing it again.

Namal Dharmarathne
General Manager, Operations

In a nut shell we can say the overall programme is very successful and achieved the agreed objectives. We can feel that there is a change happened within the senior team of managers and they are highly motivated. The new knowledge transferred is highly valuable for both individuals and company perspective. Improvement projects done by each participants made a good learning for individuals and contributed for the company as well. So we recognise this programme as a value added initiative for Pelemix and hope to continue with new programmes with Luminary Learning Solutions in coming years.

Amalie Abeysundara
Head of Learning & Development

On our learning journey at SINGER, Luminary Learning Solutions has been instrumental in building Singer’s leadership resilience for tomorrow. It has been a rewarding experience working with LUMINARY, and fully appreciate the dynamics of the sessions which are: interactive, engaging, and innovative. Each program is well designed and aligned with accurate result driven tools and frameworks for ready implementation. Indeed, it is a rare combination to have a leadership guru like Vidusha Nathavitharana, and keen practical trainers like Anton, Aashiq, Azeem and Sam to facilitate this learning journey for Singer. Thank you LUMINARY for your commitment in creating result driven and enriching learning interventions.

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