Product Offerings

What we offer you is an end to end solution:
All you need to do is to tell us what you need: and rest easy. You have our promise to ensure quality delivery will be a guarantee.

Leadership Programs

We specialize in developing Leaders. In fact, when we started out, this was the ONLY training we did. Our Leadership Programs range from one-day programs to full-fledged 12-month programs: depending on the objectives set. We are the ONLY company in Sri Lanka (and possibly in the world) to feature ROI after leadership training, and are proud to have, as our clients, some of the best-of-class organizations in the world.

ROI Based Training

We pioneered Training that was pegged to Return on Investment since 2010. Our proprietary process enables organisations to not only conduct training, but to ensure that there is quantifiable, verifiable ROI after the program: something that sets us apart from any other training organisation. Our ROI based programs are not a conceptual hypothesis: it is a validated reality. EACH organisation we work with on this model has a proven track record of a minimum of 2 times the ROI of the investment made into the program: something that only we can boast about... The ‘trick’ is not in the number of programs per se, but the process we adopt: which includes self-learning, peer learning, blended learning, experiential learning and on-the-job learning which culminates in the ability for the participant to navigate organizational dynamics and GET RESULTS.

Team Building Programs

We have a long history of curating tailor-made team building programs ranging from simple activities to military and business simulations to thematic experiential programs harnessing collaboration. We have one specific differentiator: we don’t simply do an ‘event’, we have a learning process around it; ensuring teams DO come together. The program is only one PART of the process!

Strategy Programs

Our Strategy-related programs cover the length and breadth of strategy.
From how to set up a long-term strategy to facilitating strategy conversations all the way to setting KPIs and dashboards to ensure the strategy is executed, our short- and long- term programs are curated based on frameworks and models which we have designed to assist organisations. Delivered by Subject Matter Experts who have designed and executed strategies in their own organisations, as well as helped a multitude of organisations develop corporate strategies, the programs take a consultative approach. We also have programs that induct new managers into the strategic planning process.

Content Development

We are proud to generate our own, original content on an ongoing basis for ALL our training programs and additional learning content in the form of Newsletters and E-books. In ensuring that we do our part towards our Mission of Making LEARNING the fore: NOT TRAINING - this additional learning material is available to all; FREE.

Bite Sized Learning:

Too often, learning is never made into a ‘way of life’ and is limited to structured, and workshop based ‘programs.’ But... what about all those little questions employees have - like ‘my boss doesn’t like me - what am I supposed to do?’ To ensure we support our clients , rather than trying to do traditional training for all these ‘little’ matters, we developed a ‘bite-sized’ learning platform with over 200 ‘little things that matter’ to most employees. This platform is augmented every month, with questions that come in from our participants, making it the largest platform of its kind in the world. Each ‘bite-sized’ session is also curated with questions to assess understanding, and an administrative function to track the usage of the platform and see who has done which module and generate required reports.

Online Learning

We are proud to have pioneered online learning in Sri Lanka since 2008. We started small, and during the Covid 19 pandemic, Online Learning became a necessity rather than something ‘nice to do.’ Our online learning solutions are, as with all we do, curated with focus and end objectives in mind, and NOT merely ‘lectures’ which are recorded. Our online programs also have the option of being pegged to ROI through a unique assessment process. So, not only do you have the ability of learning without leaving your seat: but also, the organisation can truly benefit from measurable outcomes.

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning is usually limited to Outward Bound Type interventions. Our teams offer you a full spectrum of programs including physical simulations, online game inspired experiences, outdoor team building initiatives as well as curated experiences involving the military, cooking, horses and even rowing! Rather than simply having ‘fun’, each of these programs are designed with specific learning outcomes incorporated into the structure and delivery of the program. Ranging from one-day to three days, and having both indoor and outdoor elements factored in, we offer programs that are suited for any age-group or seniority.

Personal Coaching

Our Coaching interventions are generally limited to Middle and Senior Management. We undertake only very few Coaching interventions for a year and look at ensuring there are SPECIFIC outcomes associated with the intervention: both in the form of behavioral change, and with regards to performance. We are also proud to be the local agents for some of the best-of-class global coaches.

Communication And English Language Programs

Communication plays a pivotal role in any organisation but is often overlooked as an important element for managers and leaders. Similarly, many struggle with the nuances of the English Language. Our programs around communication include - focused coaching on presentations for senior managers, foundational presentation skills programs with quantifiable and verifiable results, framework-based communication programs for managers and leaders, focused programs on listening skills, English proficiency-based programs as well as programs around offering feedback and difficult conversations.

Sales and Marketing Programs

Your team of experts curate cutting edge Sales and Marketing Programs. Ranging from introductory sessions to long-term blended programs pegged to verifiable ROI, these programs aim to offer a direct linkage between what is learnt and business results. Facilitated by specialists who have proven track records in both sales and marketing, our pool of facilitators also offer one-on-one and group Coaching programs which are customized to resolve key issues including setting sales frameworks, developing branding strategies, bolstering and driving sales as well as coaching around leading sales and marketing teams.

LEGO Based Interventions

Luminary is proud to pioneer Lego-based learning in Sri Lanka with an array of offerings including Training Workshops and Brainstorming Facilitations. With our very own LEGO®️ SERIOUS PLAY®️ certified trainer the Lego-Based interventions will offer a wonderfully unique way to learn and collaborate. LEGO®️ SERIOUS PLAY®️ has been identified as one of the most effective and innovative methods of learning: and is used as a methodology to enable deep insights and effortless collaboration around often tough problems.

End To End Learning Solutions

One of the unique offerings we have is end-to-end solutions. From doing your Training Needs Analysis, to curating programs, arranging the logistics, managing, and conducting the training programs, to assessing effectiveness and measuring ROI and doing all the reports you want - ALL FOR FREE!