(MENAFN- NewsIn.Asia) Colombo, September 6 (newsin.asia) – Luminary Learning Solutions understands and helps ease some of the daunting and poignant issues currently faced by organizations in Sri Lanka.

The fact that ‘changing cultures’ is really tough. Having been a part of the journey and facilitating for a conglomerate in their bid to augment functions, ensuring that everyone subscribed to same basic principles, competencies while instilling a culture: over 2000 staff underwent the ‘Executive Development’ program.

Success indicators were: 80% of the staff who underwent the training were promoted within 12-18 months of completing the program, including 3 current directors from within the fold!

Luminary is striving hard to change the perspective of training , to view it as an investment and not a cost. With measurable results of at least 2-times returns on ROI with their specialized leadership programs that drive innovation, subscribed to by different industry giants like MAS, Hirdaramani, Mobitel, to name a few, with proven results, training now is an ‘investment’ that can earn its returns.

Finally, having implemented training, how do organizations observe and plot behavioural change? Luminary has specially formulated tools to track the performance of an organization and its leadership team to literally provide quantifiable evidence on how behaviour directs organizational results.

According to LinkedIn’s 2019 Workforce Learning Report, 94% of employees say that they would stay at a company longer if it simply invested in helping them learn.

Luminary Learning Solutions Founder and Destiny Architect Vidusha Nathavitharana delivering a Leadership Development Programme. Pic credits – Luminary Learning Solutions

Luminary Learning Solutions has quietly gained accolades over a period of 15 years of being in the training space , successfully conducting programmes in 15 countries, training over 150,000 participants with 25 exclusive trainers, and being pioneers of self-learning since as early as 2007.

With the onset of the pandemic, organizations were quick to cut back on expenses, including budgets for training and development. As an organization providing training and development interventions, with quick conferencing and formulations it was established that ‘Learning’ could continue ‘Online’, advising all organizations and the corporate community on how best to invest downtime, or non-productive time in up-skilling their staff – absolutely free.

A full series of learning interventions which incorporated training and learning was launched with 12 webinars over 12 days, on 12 critical aspects of navigating a ‘Lock-down’ situation. Topics ranged from Work from home, to navigating finances, and emotional wellbeing. The series attracted over 12,000 participants from over 21 countries: making it Sri Lanka’s biggest webinar series. Showcasing 35 Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) from Sri Lanka and overseas, it also featured the likes of Dave Ulrich – the father of Modern HR and the inimitable speakers Nigel Risner from the UK and Gordon Tredgold from Belgium. A follow-on series was formulated owing to the popular response: a 17-hour back-to-back webinar featuring 18 amazing speakers and guests from 9 countries around the world.

Luminary has launched a 3-month learning intervention that began on the 20th of June under the banner ‘Saturdays are for Learning with Luminary’ with Luminary offering up to 50 hours of learning per individual at a cost of less than a dollar. Phase 3 is being planned to start from August 2020 and will see highly technical skills being taught. The webinars continuing until December will ensure there is a continuous development drive at a fraction of the cost of traditional training.

Luminary Learning prides itself on generating its own content on an ongoing basis. This is reflected in all the up-to-date training topics and programs as well as the additional learning content generated in the form of Newsletters and E-books which are freely accessible to everyone, consistent to Luminary’s claim ‘We do not train, we facilitate Learning!’

Development Difference Luminary Learning Sri Lanka Training.

Ref: https://menafn.com/1100755693/Luminary-heads-training-and-development-solutions-with-a-difference-in-Sri-Lanka

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