Refining the Art of Trusted Training – Founder and Destiny Architect of Luminary Learning Solutions, Vidusha Nathavitharana

For a society that aims to progress intellectually, progressive and flexible training concepts can deliver long and lasting benefits. Luminary Learning Solutions aims to popularise this concept in the hope that it will facilitate development in the areas of Human Resource Management, Development, and Training Solutions. Vidusha Nathavitharana, Founder and Destiny Architect of Luminary Learning Solutions is a pioneer in developing and introducing uniquely progressive and process-oriented structures that have earned his company recognition, trust and a rapidly growing base of loyal clients.

Having secured a qualification from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), Sri Lanka, Vidusha pursued further undergraduate studies in the UK, where he was able to learn and master several fundamentals aspects of training. Subsequently, his experience as a management trainee at Courtaulds Clothing, a leading UK based apparel company in Sri Lanka, sparked his interest in the areas of development and progression. His association with the company’s Human Resource department led him to propose and establish a Human Resource Development sector within the company, bringing to it fresh and out of the box perspectives. He was also instrumental in securing certification of the ethical training initiative, and WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production) for the company, an early indication of his capabilities in Human Resources Development.

Initially established as High Five Consultancy in 2005 that predominantly focused on HR consultancy, the company divested in the business in 2018 to launch Luminary Learning Solutions, which became the training arm of the parent company. Delivering training programmes through traditional HR management approaches, gaps in this field soon became visible, as customer demand rose. The need for a practical solution drove the team, led by Vidusha, to research, structure and finalise a process of learning built on solid principles, leveraging in-depth perspectives and knowledge to build a portfolio of innovative and effective training programmes. Created around the concepts of self-learning, peer learning, practical implementation, and results evaluation, these programmes firmly established Luminary Learning Solutions’ reputation as a company with an unorthodox approach to learning and training.

Vidusha’s convictions to go beyond the fundamentals of the traditional format to craft effective and sustainable solutions facilitated the creation of his unique conceptualised yet practical framework to train human resources in a supportable and sustainable manner. Luminary Learning Solutions stands above the rest in its endeavours to facilitate learning through innovative and effective learning solutions. Furthermore, the organisation excels in addressing an important aspect: ensuring that participants actively engage with and contribute towards the sessions, thereby enriching the learning process.

The company also professes to utilize sustainable result-oriented training instead of short-term, feel-good factor training. Even during the pandemic, the company’s consistency stands testimony to its dedication. The challenges of the pandemic were converted into opportunities as the company quickly adapted to change and established productive and competent virtual training sessions. Following an interruption of just one month during the pandemic, the organisation launched its pilot online training programme focusing on executive development, with the Hirdaramani group of companies, with over one hundred and thirty participants. The success of the programme prompted them to host the most extended collective webinar series held in Sri Lanka, lasting two weeks and including ten sessions with thousands of participants and industry giants such as Dave Ulrich, the Father of Modern HR. This achievement encouraged the company to reach for greater heights, conducting probably the longest webinar in the world, lasting 17 hours with the participation of 18 guests from around the world, attended by over 40,000 participants from over 30 countries.

Vidusha’s belief in breaking the bonds of traditional leadership is fueled by his belief in the necessity of a collective approach and the acknowledgement of guidance. In addition to his efforts to ensure gradual yet persistent progress in the Human Resources Development industry, his love for the innovative and bold is reflected in Luminary Learning Solutions, resulting in them standing out among the crowd.


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