Surrounding yourself with the right people can change your life.

Vidusha Nathavitharana is an author and trainer on leadership issues. He argues that you need five key people in your close circle.

  1. A Supporter

    This is someone who believes in you and likes you. They are generally positive and supportive about your plans and ambitions. They might be your partner at home or a colleague at work. Whenever you feel down you can chat to this person and they will help refresh, inspire and motivate you.

  2. A Challenger

    A person who challenges you to achieve more. They might say, ‘Well done but what is next?’ They know that you are capable of more and they push you to achieve it. For many youngsters this is their mother or father.

  3. A Questioner

    This is a useful person to have in any team. They ask tough questions in a constructive manner. When you advance your great new idea they probe it with questions that you had not anticipated. They help keep you grounded and on the right track.

  4. A Mentor or Coach

    Someone you can turn to for advice and guidance. Early on this was a teacher or a parent. Later at work it helps to turn to someone who has the experience and wisdom to ask you the right questions and keep you pointing in the right direction. This is someone with whom you can discuss your deepest concerns with complete discretion.

  5. A Technical Expert

    In many situations you need a subject matter expert or technical guru to whom you can turn. Don’t wing it. Ask an expert and listen to their advice.


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