Luminary believes that every person has the potential for greatness within them. Over these many years, working and partnering with leading industry experts, Luminary has been able to become an organisation that specialises in developing and executing learning solutions.

Working with multiple major corporations in Sri Lanka for over a decade, Luminary has made a name for themselves for being an end-to-end solutions provider. They provide ‘off-the-shelf’ and even fully bespoke solutions for team-building and soft-skills development that you and even your company will benefit from to unlock your true potential.

Leadership Trainer and HR Consultant, Vidusha Nathavitharana

They have achieved this through working with industry-leading professionals from every aspect of the corporate world. Carefully researching areas of focus and developing content in-house, each of Luminary’s programmes offers practical and insightful tools, concepts and practical advice to help you succeed in the corporate world and even in life.

It all began when local Leadership Trainer and HR Consultant, Vidusha Nathavitharana released his first book for free on Linkedin. However, this was only just the beginning. A year later, they have over 50 books packed full of useful information and practical skills made available absolutely free for you to read and unlock your hidden potential.

Luminary is a firm believer that equipping yourself with the proper knowledge and tools shouldn’t come with a price tag. Vidusha’s father, who was employed at the University for over 35 years, was an advocate of the value of free education and its ability to empower people. This firm belief of making knowledge is accessible to all was inherited by Vidusha, who views the offering of his books for free as a way of paying homage to free education, which touched the lives of both Vidusha and his father.

This is why Luminary Learning Solutions offers over 50 books on various aspects of corporate and life skills development for everyone, with no hidden conditions or payments. Each book is full of content ready to help you succeed, without skimping on quality or quantity, written by subject matter experts in their respective fields.

There are over 50 books offered by Luminary in the form of four core series.

  • No-nonsense advice

    25 books ranging from advice to young executives, recruitments, managing performances, and creating winning teams. All books are co-authored with local and international leading industry specialists. Each book is packed with useful and practical tools for you to master to conquer the corporate world, yet simple enough to be finished in one sitting.

  • Guru guide

    A series of 25 books based on Vidusha’s and his partner Anton Thayalan’s discussions that happened over their webinar series, where the topics they’ve discussed are further explored. These books range from a wide variety of topics, such as creating aesthetically pleasing workspaces and making organisations female-friendly. Each book will have three practical tools for you to master, specifically created by the authors for your success.

  • Double take

    Three books with a ‘double take’ at what is considered ‘popular advice.’ This series of books by Vidusha and his co-authors with hard-hitting, fresh perspectives and ideas for you to break free of any frame-of-mind that’s holding you back.

  • Jargon free

    Three books are written in an autobiographical style that tells interesting and humorous stories from Vidusha’s life, with a healthy dose of poignant thoughts as they are retold. Perfect for some light reading to have a little bit of productivity even during your ‘down-time.’


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