This assignment showcases High5’s ability to make things happen even with very limited timelines. The entire assignment was closed out within 4 days! Our Senior Consultant worked on-site (Maldives) whilst a team of 2 provided support from Sri Lanka. Not only were the KPIs set, we also developed monitoring assessment methodologies and control mechanisms!

The Client Brief

  • To develop departmental KPIs for the organisation
  • Create awareness and insight of KPIs, demonstrating its roll out within the Senior Team

Our Approach & Methodology

  • Even with very limited time, we undertook an inclusive process; carrying out 1-1 interviews with key decision makers as well as a facilitating group brainstorming sessions to draw alignment before the KPIs were set. This ensured the KPIs were aligned to the overall Vision and Mission
  • We also provided the HR team with a comprehensive roll out document enabling them to successfully roll out KPIs through the organisation


  • Departmental KPIs with clear guidelines on linking them to individual roles AS WELL AS
  • A step-by-step guide on how to implement KPIs

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