Strategy facilitation for organisations such as FAO involves the entire workforce. Given its diversity, it is challenging at times to ‘manage expectations’ and achieve cohesion and alignment within 2 days. Client was highly appreciative of our ability to ‘connect’ with Staff at all levels. From clerical staff¬ to Executive Leadership, everyone played a part!

The Client Brief

  • To facilitate corporate strategy formulation and arrive at a conclusive decision on direction and activities
  • Offer recommendations on alignment related aspects for consideration

Our Approach & Methodology

  • We went beyond the scope of the assignment and introduced several ‘pre-strategy’ conversations with staff so they were ready, as an organization, for the strategy session. We also ensured the Senior Team was committed to ‘listening’ without interrupting the views and ‘criticisms’ that would come. This encouraged, active participation across the organization.
  • We were commended by Senior Leadership for successfully facilitated the session, bringing it to a meaningful close within the 2 days, a feat that was previously unmatched.


  • A fruitful close to a long process and an agreement on direction, core mandates and modus operandi
  • Recommendations on people, alignment and dissemination of activities, which were incorporated in the final strategy document

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