The assignment came about because of a audit ‘nonconformity report’ which needed to be closed out fast. With a thorough project plan, making allowances for the shortened 5-hour workday for Ramadan, we coordinated conversations with staff¬ and management in a timely manner. This allowed us to work quickly and efficiently, without compromising on quality. Our 4 week turn around allowed Al Wataniya to meet their audit requirements with an Order of Merit.

The Client Brief

  •  To develop Job Descriptions (JD) for all roles within the organisation to meet audit protocol requirements

Our Approach & Methodology

  • Adopting contemporary practices, we designed a JD format that was unique to the organisation
  • We trained the HR team in JD writing methodology to ensure tacit knowledge was passed on to the organisation so they could confidently adapt the JDs to meet future requirements
  • We linked the JDs to core processes and sub processes enabling employees to have a direct link between their JD, process and KPIs


  • A full set of job descriptions and person specifications for ALL jobs (290) was turned around within 4 weeks
  • Wataniya achieved a 100% audit pass rate and obtained an ‘Order of Merit’ recommendation

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